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ominous sounding track make, love it :)

Digging the sense of circuit bentness (is that a word?) to the synths, I'm also a sucker for a tape stop =)


Oh yes! That was a circuit bent refill for Reason if I remember correctly...


Ahh...think I used to have that at one point, I need to revisit Reason again (although I think I am still on v7.5 or whenever it was they added Synchronous, not bought an upgrade in a while lol)

I just love the 'Gas Mask Replicant' as a title, track isn't half bad too, nice work.


Thanks, it was partly inspired by a box of gas masks I found in an auction house, and partly a homage to Captain Beefhearts' Trout Mask Replica, although the musical connections are very loose...

Nice to see you and I Upvoted you :) !
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