#10 Micael Lawal - Changing the narration

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This episode is focused on challenging and changing the existing narration. Michael will take you on a heartfelt story of empowerment and love. "Nobody is right and nobody is wrong, it's about perspective" he says with his contagious smile and his optimistic passion. Micheals mission is to connect humans back to kindness. With a little help from machines, humans could liberate themselves of brain-dead labor channeling their energy in personally fruitful and rewarding work.

How can we belive that Africa is pore when more than 60% of mineral resources (i.e. silver, gold, diamonds, copper) come from it? The current story tells us, that we need to support starving kids, that their political leaders are corrupt and that a huge percentage of the population is un-banked living on less than $1 a day.

Fiat currency is the political tool controlled and narrated by a centralised well funded systems. Blochain has created a new narration as it has brought freedom back to the people, as people can issue and trade coins that they believe in. Redistribution of access to capital and therefore wealth is the narration that blockchain is capable of achieving. The petrodollar is causing a monopoly on the international market, choking small countries that struggle to sell their worthless and inflated currency in exchange for the phantom dollar. That is the true narrative of Africa, an example easily adaptable for Asia, Middle East, and South America.

How can I justify my existence, when living like kings in a privileged country knowing the other half of the world lives in squalor, if it is not to better our collective existence?

We have the technology and the resources to change the current narrative. However, we still play Risk pawning countries against each other under false pretenses. There is still much violene in the world and "I cannot solve the world problem by not solving my problem first" concluded Michal kindly.

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