FREE | Tyga x 6ix9ine x Zillakami x Lil Jon Type Beat #101 | HeadBanger | (Prod. GR4NT)

in dsound •  5 months ago 

FREE - my beats are free for non-profit use only (tagged, no distribution, no paid videos, no performances etc.)


Lease / Exclusive rights:

Low price (10-50$) - untagged - 16-bit wav file - other artists can still lease and use untagged version of this beat. Tag my name "GR4NT" or "Grant Vegra" in your track title (REQUIRED)! Limited distribution up to 2.500 copies, 400.000 Yt wievs.

Exclusive Rights:
High price (100-500$) - untagged, 16-bit wav file, all rights, unlimited distribution, unlimited views, I can rearrange/send trackouts, mix, mastering.


This beat has never been leased!


email: [email protected]!/@grant-vegra


rap, hip, hop, instrumental, beat, free, hiphop, hip-hop,
gr4nt, grant vegra, grant-vegra, gr4nt vegra, grant beats, lease, leasing,
suicide boys, $uicide, boy$, $suicideboy$, gizmo, bones, 808,
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drake, xxxtentacion, XXXTentacion, xxxtentaction, xtentacion, ghostemane,
heavy, hard, bass, 808, pouya, Bill $aber, bill, $aber, saber, bill saber,
killstation, purge kill, scream trap, scream, distorted, omenxiii, OmenXIII, dark,
travis, scott, xavier, wulf, scarlxrd

distorted, distortion, scream, trap, screaming, scream trap, hardcore, hardest, bass, 808,
heavy, dark, darkest, darkness, evil, bad, beat, savage, dope, underground, grant, GR4NT,
GR4NT VEGRA, gr4nt vegra, sad, deep, emotional, depressive, gloom, trapcore, death,

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