Nightbirds by GJART & Deggsy

in dsound •  11 months ago 

Another outing for the tune that started our wonderful collaboration with Deggsy (@nakedverse). Check out the video we did for it too:

If it wont play you can listen to all our tracks here:

Check out our latest single Unconscious Subconscious also with @nakedverse here:

-----> Have you checked out yet? If you are an independent artist you really should! Musicians helping musicians. <-----

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this is just the awesomenessestest track :)

Nice :) Great Track this is :p

Thanks mate :-)

LOVE this!! The Niiiiiiiightbirds :) Watched the video on Youtube - great all round :D

Thanks Nicky :-)

Cool track, glad you uploaded it again, great vibe to it =)

Thanks mate!