PsalmPrayer Audio: Psalm 1

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In this series, you are invited to join with me in prayers that arise as I reflect upon each of the Psalms in turn. Each prayer arises as my own prayers, but are offered here to encourage you in your own prayer journey. This is the audio edition of the written Psalm prayer I offered on Steemit here:
► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

I read the typed version and listened to the audio version. Both are different. I think it's because I brought my emotions and heart to the words but when I hear you pray, I hear your heart and emotions. Make sense?

Absolutely - it makes perfect sense. I actually often find even a third Party in the exchange... how weird is that??? I find that whenever I encounter the prayers offered up by another, it will be a part me, a part the one offering them up, and then a third voice in there that belongs to neither one of us... for me it sounds like the Spirit who prays for us with sighs too deep for words to express.

So yeah I totally get where you are coming from... I couldn't even hope for anything more!

Yes I do understand that experience.

for me it sounds like the Spirit who prays for us with sighs too deep for words to express.

When John and I pray I experience God's presence strongly.


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Interesante post

Thank you, glad you like it.

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