FromLaNada - 852 Hz Peace Beat Battle Round #4 Entry

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I am new here,from venezuela , not sure how to start or if i'm doing it right , but i'll take the shoot shoutout to the team of @chiefmappster, @danyelk, @beatseb, and @derekmiller! i appreciated this i hope it keeps going on i respect this so much love love and peace to all.

Worked on 852 Hz Returning to Spiritual Order

This beat is created from scratch, im a big fan of samples but i've been trying to create something fresh and clean lately , all instruments heard are self composed , i gave a hook to it using a JFKennedy speech not sure if it was his last one , talking about peace.
i really focus on transmitting my feeling or emotion on what i make , so im most of a speechless type of person , in other words
Thanks again for hosting i really hope to feel welcome looking forward to hear new styles and music.

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Man o mannnnnn what an vibration raising entry.

Everything from that JFK sample to the instruments you choose are on point and drive such emotion it's amazing.

Love how you create the atmosphere in the first 0:54 and then add those awesome claps to takes us to the next level.

You defintely create that sense of nostagia with this one and delivering it with that 852 HZ wow what a talent. The benefits of 852 HZ are so great, glad you are doing your part to bring awareness to them.

Much love and respect.

@chiefmappster, speechless bro, thanks i really appreciate your opinion , im glad you liked it and in some point it transmitted that emotion , it's a really important role , to offer the listeners vibs that can help us or just acknowledge and feel inspiration or motivation for what it's really worth, thanks to you my bro for sharing this piece of nostalgic sense , i appreciate it. Onelove and peace.

You're very welcome brothaman. Man your words are incredible. Amennnn so happy this Universe is bringing people together. The power of music is so real.

Much appreciation

Results of the #beatbattle here for your convenience:

Thanks again for being apart of the community.