New Royalty Free Steemit Sound Effect! German Highway Sound (A8 with no Speed Limit)!

in #dsound3 years ago (edited)

Hi Guys, I have a new royalty free sound effect for you!

While I was in Germany I went to this bridge between Stuttgart and Munich and recorded this fast German Highway A8 (also known as the Autobahn). You will listen to the sounds of several big Audis, Porsches, BMWs, Ferraris, trucks and many other vehicles who speeding by!

You can download this version direct from Steemit but if you want the original file then just had over to the original source and click on download!
You can use this sound for any of your production and you don't even have to give me credit for it. But if you are curious the license is Creative Commons CCBY but as I said you support me already and this is my way to say thank you!
The Quality of the file is as always 96/24 WAV.

Here is the original source of the sound that I recorded!

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)


:) I hope you can use it! This Highway was super fast!

Good sound, greetings from Venezuela.

Greetings back! We heading to Costa Rica after Bali and who knows maybe we coming to Venezuela!

Excellent friend. I hope it's soon

maybe in 3 months then. I keep you posted!

What did you like the most?

thanks ^^

Always welcome!

I am Thankful to you for Sharing Free Steemit Sound Effect with us. Great job!

Hi Khali! Tomorrow I have a new sound for you. But this time I upload ocean sounds from California! :)

Good, Keep it up man.

Thank you so much! I will do!

Very good bro. Thanks for share it.
please follow and like my steem.

Fantastic! One to add to the collection! Thank you very much! :)

That is awesome! Tomorrow I have already a new one for you Guys so stay tuned for this one then:) and have an awesome day!

very nice :)

Thank you very much and it is always a pleasure!

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coooooool! thanks for sharing. . thanks for the high quality also