Rest (Remastered)

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About this track, it's one of the first track from Thibaud remastered, before the formation of FL15.

If you have trouble listening on dsound you can listen to this on:

Choon (WAV):

Format on DSound: MP3 320 Kbits/s


More about FL15:


(2014-2017): In this period, Thibaud was only a solo artist as composer called "Giant Plush".

(2018-present): "Giant Plush" has been renamed "FL15", and is now a duo, with the arrival of TTM as singer/songwriter.


The duo is composed of a:

  • Composer: "Thibaud", 25 years old, France.
  • Singer/Songwriter: "Tyrone", 51 years old, Ireland.


Our main objective is to make realistic music through digital, using the new technologies with quite recent music softwares.


Alternative/Punk (Pop Punk, Punk Rock...).

The lyrics are extended, but talk about people, time, etc.


You can contact us with a private message on SoundCloud or Twitter.

Social Networks:

You can follow us on others platforms (Twitter, Instagram, YouTube...) above.

Thank you for supporting!

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


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