Rest100 - No Ocho Cinco

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In this song, the intro spoke directly to @Rest100's past. He has literally done these exact things to remain normal in a world that could never understand or accept him as an orphan or foster child. When he raps he constantly feels as if he has something to prove. He can’t describe the amount of energy he gets when he creates music. Specifically, in this song he titled "No Ocho Cinco". As an ex NFL player of Cincinnati Chad Johnson aka Ocho Cinco was a huge impression on the city. Where the city failed is that they allowed one man to feel as if he was in control of it all. His arrogance was disgusting. So Rest100 blessed this track with his name and was satisfactory enough. So once again in music, Rest100 feels he has something to prove and clearing up any clout in reference to his affiliations specifically to the Wu Tang Clan / Brooklyn Zu. A right to passage he has earned over the years as a Brooklyn NY rapper.

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Yea son...

Good old-school rap, without really fancy production stunts, but interesting sounds. Nice work, man.

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Thanks for the play!!

Great Work



This post is very build, good work, thanks for sharing for all

Man this was deep. REsteemed!

One of the great post. Thank you for sharing. You are doing great job keep it up. Sir please follow and upvote @shakirullah.udda

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