Fabxxxx - ''F***ing DIE''

in #dsound4 years ago (edited)

A sad trap song.


Don't wanna die
Come back now (x2)

Please don't let me
Fall down, you just told me
That you will fall
In love for me, you just lie
I'll be waiting, i will try

Please never leave
By my side
I got xanax in my hand

Yeah, Yeah
Please never leave by my side
I got xanax in my hand
I'm so fucking high
You know i try
I don't wanna cry
See me in the dark
I'm a half demon
Killing my life
Do you think i love you?
Yeah, you are right

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, hey

Don't wanna die
Come back now
Don't wanna

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


The melancholic vocal works sits very nice in the mix. Love it! Reminds me of Portishead, one of my favourites. Is it your voice down-pitched as well? Good work!

Hey thanks. Yep, my voice is down-pitched

You should keep it that way!

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