# podcast Exclusive Steemit Podcast 01 - with @flauwy

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Hey Guys,

I did a short podcast session with @flauwy which was really interesting. I think almost everyone can get sth. out of this. I just had the idea to do the podcast but I have never done it before. So the sound is not perfect and also my voice is a little louder than @flauwy's. But, that's how you learn, right ? Also I had to cut some parts together (it was so much work :D). But basically I asked questions and @flauwy talked in his perfect on point manner - as always -so you can really enjoy it.

Below are the topics and the time in case you want to skip to a certain point.

00:00 pre-intro

00: 48 intro

04:02 @flauwy's steemit journey – from zero to hero

07:20 writing off your chest & creating content exclusively for steemit

12:31 starting tutorials

16:57 how to find an audience & the various platforms based on steem (utopian.io, dtube, dmania, busy.org)

22:07 proof of stake and proof of brain – what makes steem unique?

24:55 steem's implicit behavioral police & how to be a good steemian

35:13 @flauwy's plans for the future on steemit & the power of steem as a resource

38:26 what is 1UP and how you can profit from it

46:06 social implications of steem for society

52:03 community building on steemit in 2018

56:13 final words

I hope you enjoy it :)

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Wow, what a great work you guys have done @exploreand and @flauwy, it's so knownlegde filled, I know it will be very helpful to everyone

Cool, I have to download this. My internet here in the mountain desert is bad. I will listen to this later. Talk to you soon.