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On previous occasions, I have commented in this same musical area that, "Gualberto Ibarreto is one of those few singers who are touched by the hand of God. And, I say this because of the extraordinary voice of this 71-year-old Venezuelan baritone who was born in El Pilar, a town in Sucre State in Venezuela, on July 12, 1947. This insurmountable singer has played all kinds of traditional-popular music as throughout his artistic career becoming one of the greatest icons of Venezuelan musical identity. This affirmation resurfaces, once again, when listening to it, in this environment with the original version of the song “Hoy he vuelto a ser él” (Today I have become him again), which we are going to reference here.

“Hoy he vuelto a ser él” is a waltz-song composed by Ibrahim Bracho on behalf of Gualberto himself and is the affirmation of the resurgence of this artist in 1993 after having been absent from the musical stages for some years.

As we all know, Gualberto had a meteoric artistic career that immediately gave him national and international fame appearing in the most diverse stages of the world. This is how the hectic and disorderly life that this Venezuelan artist had, took a toll on him so he had to move away from the stages to recover the health that was very compromised, on several occasions, because of the high consumption of cigarettes and alcohol. After several medical treatments, trips to Havana - Cuba - and to the city of Houston for that purpose, finally, Gualberto was finally able to recover and that is when he decides to resurface with the Musical Album "Today I am again him" whose title is the namesake of the song composed by Ibrahim Bracho.

“Hoy he vuelto a ser él” is a song that reflects the artist's vindication committed to his people, despite the mistakes, anguish and disappointments that life gives us. The commitment to sing again can more than anything else, because the artist will always be that: a singer because that is what he has always done and is what he knows best. And, this is how bad memories are buried, what is not wanted and what is what has always been and will be; an eternal troubadour, a voice without borders that sings to his people. In this way, life resurfaces… the road blooms.

It is evident that, Gualberto Ibarreto has manifested as an exceptional Venezuelan singer committed to his way of singing, with the people, but above all with his oriental people and their idiosyncrasies. Gualberto himself comments "... there is a commitment to life. While I can sing I will be with my people, who have supported me and never abandoned me. Sometimes, those who arise and fall, do not let them come back. It must be because success did not change me. For me singing is a gift that God gave me. That's why I have to thank you for allowing me to share it with my fellows. I was born different, but it does not mean it's better. It's like those people who were good at Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry, subjects in which I was bad ... I'm from all over the world. I want all Venezuela… "This singer is still optimistic, because the Venezuelan people want it unrestricted today more than ever.

In the recording of this song I had the honor of sharing the responsibility of the Musical Production with the Producer team of Gualberto Ibarreto, as well as the execution of the mandolin. The information of this Record Work is left below.

I hope that the information that I am mentioning here will please you, at the same time, I appreciate the comments that you have to make.

Estelio Padilla

Artist: Gualberto Ibarreto
Album: Hoy he vuelto a ser él
Record Company: Independent
Genre of Music: Popular - Traditional
Year of release: 1993
Song title: Hoy he vuelto a ser él
Author: Ibrahim Bracho
Performer: Gualberto Ibarreto
Cuatro: Rafael Armas
Guitar: Nelson Navarro
Double Bass: Juan Jayaro
Mandolin: Estelio Padilla

Today I was again him

Meditating my things
At any crossroad
From a corner of time,
I found myself suddenly
With a tired face
That returned a mirror.
Is that me? I told myself;
Maybe a little older,
With late night signs,
Scar of the Bohemian.

I must return, I thought;
Bury the memories,
Always be what I was,
An eternal troubadour,
A voice without borders
That he sings to his people.

So I was him again,
As always: Gualberto,
To sing to love
In the open,
That the road blossomed,
It awaits me in the distance
The waiting window
For each spring
My Creole serenade.

I must return, I thought;
Bury the memories,
Always be what I was,
An eternal troubadour,
A voice without borders
That he sings to his people.

Today I was again him,
As always: Gualberto,
To sing to love
In the open,
The wound has healed
That did not matter,
My song arrives on time
It has only been a moment
Sorry for the delay.

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