Liquid Gold # 18 Minimal Techno mix

in dsound •  2 years ago 
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Great remex mixing i enjoy your music and do not smoking its very bad😉😉

Exellent chillin' music. Kind of music I prefer the most on the rave events. Nice to hear so qualititative sound on Steemit!

Thx a lot, I'm flattered! Chilling music is my specialty =) I'll try to make some rave stuff, just for the experiment!

Good luck then) Keep it up!

Nice mix man great job !!

Just found your mixes. Lovely dubs! Smooth sailing with that mix :)

Thanks a lot! smoothest sailing, man! Stay in tune for more!

Another one! sweet.
Cheers man.

good to see more Techno on here @equites check my blog for more :)

interesting this post-1 congrats !! please see my last video vote if you like it

I like your song
Please follow me and vote together.

I love this song
Please follow me & vote me

digging it for sure! keep it up.

Great stuff! Nice ebb and flow.