Michael Jackson/ Thiller - Mixing in FL Studio

in #dsound6 years ago (edited)

Hello friends of @dsound, I've been working on some covers in fl studio, with the initiative of sharing the music in which practical mastering and mixing.

The procedure I do is to transform the midis into real sounds and with the help of the pluging waves I do the mixing and mastering.

The cover I am giving you is by Michael Jackson, as I consider his productions to be some of the best.

Copyright is respected.

The image is copyright free (pixabay)

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


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Positive fuelled energy and drive to this classic MJ track man! Nicely worked! Kewl 1! :D

Muy interesante de verdad, felicidades por tu trabajo.

Excelente, @enrique89 que geniales conocimientos tienes. Quiero aprender jejeje.

Excelente trabajo Enrique. Suena muy bien

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