Ocean City Under the Sun Piano Song

in dsound •  5 months ago 

Coming once again with a smooth sound for Steem Town. I think I'll take my tag #boombox and turn it into a SMT. Smart Media Token for those catching up ;). There should be more rewards available to original content creators. Everything we put in is our lives. Lets start making it become the norm for supporting this market. They say data is the most valuable thing. But what if we didn't need data? What if everything we are looking for old or new is one on search engine? Or one Steem Engine? See the point I'm trying to make? We can all build something huge. To the point where content and content support becomes the most valuable commodity. It's almost here.

#Boombox is a tag where my alternate profiles Resteem music for free. I’ll be adding everyone who uses this tag to my auto-vote trail. (Delegator’s get higher upvotes!)

Delegate to elderson : 50 SP - 500 SP - 5000 SP - 50000 SP

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