DSound- Montauk Boys Five Fingers in Your Father Prod by Alx Beats

in #dsound3 years ago (edited)

Just a dark tune from the Montauk Boys. We have come together again to bring a cold freestyle to the public. This time just a bit better. I'm happy to take every chance to come to me to be able to collaborate with artists. Home project or not. I'm looking for more people to work with as well so if you make music and want to make something happen hit me up. Beyond that, we have the #boombox tag where all songs get a free resteem from @orbitdrop @vandalizmrecordz "Free Resteem Profiles" Give an upvote if you happen to like this. Resteem if you want to support our music. Oh, I almost forgot, there will be a contest soon for the #boombox logo. There is a Giveaway now for my 500 plus followers appreciation. check it out here: steemit.com/giveaway/@elderson/appreciation-to-my-500-followers-give-away
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