Mad World by Ed Privat

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This morning it was raining in Johannesburg South Africa, so this song was fitting the tone.

Now it's all sunny out there, but I am gonna stick to my original plan :)

My son was born in 2013, the year I released my album of the same name "Neo".It means gift of god in Sotho,it's a pretty cool name too and carries it with pride. When he came into this world, I was filled with joy.

But my vision of the world was drastically changing since I had become more aware of the injustice perpetrated by "the power that be", the continuous act of treason by the psychopaths that govern us, the hidden hand shaping our society by destroying it, dividing one another, treating us the 99% like cattle.

So while I was looking at the marvelous wonder of creation, I couldn't help but feeling bitter and sad, that we decided to bring him into this fucked up world.

Then more and more terror attacks started sprouting around the globe like a sudden trend, more sophisticated and scripted each and every time, while the masses just surrendering what little was left of their freedom in this Orwellian nightmare.

It was 5 years ago, but it feels like nothing has much changed ever since.Terror attacks have become almost our daily bread, we are being desensitized with violence, and sensationalism.

The only glimmer of hope comes in the form of cryptocurrency, the revolution that Steemit has created and us the people :

we are changing

For the first time we can break the shackle that suffocates us, we can support each other, and "the power that be" is freaking out. I know it sounds like a cheesy utopia, but I am truly convinced that our revolution and emancipation will have to come with financial freedom first.

The song from a technical point of view, is very minimalist. James Blake weirdness is the inspiration for the production.
I have lost the project of this song when my HDD fried, I wanna see what people think and if you enjoy it , I want to work on it from scratch again, and maybe have it as an interlude for my second album that I am writing.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope you enjoy! This is an exclusive @dsound content


Mad World by Ed Privat

I don't wanna know about this new world

I don't wanna hear a word
and surrender

Everybody close their eyes in order to keep up with the new day

It is gone ( how are you feeling about those lonely night)
Love is gone
It is gone
Love is gone in a mad world

The truth will climb up the window
And they'll get what they deserve
There is one judge you can't run away from
You know who
But there's no right nor wrong, no need to keep the weak, it means I am gone
And who's on the list that saves the strong, why don't you feel for anyone...

#NWO #agenda #madworld #original #edprivat

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Good post, i like it

Thanks so much wow and thanks for the resteem!

Good to know about it you were blessed by a baby boy. I think those were the best time for you and i think when we feel really happt then it's really easy work to enhance our deep emotion in song.

Everybody close their eyes in order to keep up with the new day" what a lyric. I enjoyed it.Love it man. Good work overll vocal and tune variation. Fantastic. Carry on. @edprivat

That's nice of you really :D Maruf a.k.a @mindfreezer

Waw Great,
by helping each other.

What a cute IDEA!

who knows what can come from it :P . cute and candid I know

Your talent shocks the world of steemit.

thanks @fekaromer I am laughing out loud bro ,like a fool haha :)

Wow I would love to listen, but dsound still doesn’t work on my Ipad for some reason😣

hey @verbaldancing ! Let me try to find a solution? It's content exclusive to @dsound and i wanna keep it that way...Maybe I can send you a Mp3 if you're curious :) ?

Hey great, yes that would be great!

Can you drop me a message here

Thanks I will.....Done!

Thanks, I’ve sent you an e-mail!

I really like your posts and I enjoy very much with all your posts.👍

Thanks I do follow you too :)

Mad World

great name

Thanks @rifat ! Nice introduceyourself post, you have great story to tell and a great mind, good to have you here!

Thank you dear . All the best.

Dear can you please describe me what blocktraders do. and what is it??

I think my wife is better at explaining these things. It's a platform where you can exchange Steem to Ethereum. I will ask her to drop a comment :)

ok. that will be very thankful

Ok she said "It's a platform that helps facilitate the exchange between steemit and other alt crypto currencies".I hope it helps!


From a South African local, if Johannesburg on a rainy morning brings a song to mind you are one positive guy :) All I hear is taxis honking.....

Yeah that's why I went to the park haha! Thanks for the comment :P

But there's no right nor wrong, no need to keep the weak, it means I am gone
And who's on the list that saves the strong, why don't you feel for anyone...

any download link for the song

when you go there you will find a download link next to the wave form on the left.

The truth will climb up the window
And they'll get what they deserve
There is one judge you can't run away from

It may take a lot of time, but the truth will always prevail. Judgement is coming.

Thank you my friend and thanks for the re-steem.

Hi Ed! That is why I started traveling around the world. There was so much hate and anger around the place I lived that I had to leave. Now I travel since over 2.5 years around the world and only surrounding me with positive vibes and positive thinking people. I am new to Steemit and people are much nicer here than on FB or YouTube if you read comments. I hope the drolls stay on these platforms and not coming over as well.

Hey Marcel! I love your blog, great original content! Where are you from originally? I din't have problems with trolls yet, that's what gives me the confident to release more original content. Let me know what's your next journey, and if you pass by South Africa, please come say hi.
You can't compare with Facebook and Youtube, it's not the same audience.Here people are very aware of today society disparity ,injustice, and respect hard work.Everyone is a creator on steemit.
Again I agree with you about hate and anger, I was living in Paris for a long time, and some people get more susceptible to other people'snegative energy, I am one of them hahaha, a sponge...

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Love your voice, superb

Thank you so much @abcb it means a lot to me really

Everest mountain peak clad in snow
There the fairies fly with glass wings
She spun, sowing stars and singing
About the sun and the softness of the color

The little leg spins in a string of light
Can she stand up and say hello
Can she smile and tell stories
Can she give love to the grieving world

How do I tell this story to be real
I want everyone know that I want to say hello
Sharing fellow of all colors and light
Share the taste of everything I have

Come beautiful little feet bring us love
You have everything except the pain we feel
Come on the glass wings so everyone can
reflecting on the real truth of themselves.

Just give it the title, because I don't have yet

Do you have a melody? It's lovely

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