Superfreestyler by Ed Privat

in #dsound2 years ago

The joint today is Superfreestyler, a song about a superhero dance freestyler that beats crime through the power of hip hop, locks and pops and coolness.

It doesn't really make sense, it's a bit goofy, I always like imagining a movie when listening to that track

The instrumentation is very intense. If I remember there were something like a hundred tracks that the producer Dyllan Ellis had to mix.

There even a track where I just hit on a soda can. All the trumpet were done by the same guy Marcus Wyatt, that we layered over and over. The inspiration is Outcast. Gnarls Barkley, the song "Freestyler" by Bomfunk MC;s (RIP), and every cartoon from the 80-90s era. It was one of the most expensive tracks of the album




A dark street , full of vilains, messin around in discoville , blood on their hands , While cops , stucks in a Starbucks, switch the radio off let the town down down , While hope is leaving people , someone from downtown can answer to the call No fears , cause a distant voice , with a boombox on a shoulder , music's getting louder HERE I COME SUPERFREESTYLER INTO THE BATTLE < WITH KILLER MOVES ON THE AFTER BEAT HERE I COME SUPERFREESTYLER INTO THE BATTLE Headspins to stop gangsters runnin' , lock and popo to dodge the punch oldschools moves are coming Smooth and cool , he can do the robot , while enemies laughing at him one by one they got shot By his super steps , and his flying snakes , and the running man HERE I COME SUPERFREESTYLER INTO THE BATTLE , WITH KILLER MOVES ON THE AFTER BEATS HERE I COME SUPERFREESTYLER INTO THE BATTLE

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That's a pretty dope song I've never heard before, great cover man! I had to listen to it numerous times it was so good. :) PS I think I have a message of yours from a while back that I need to respond to. Will look for it soon!

Thanks buddy! It's an original. Sorry for the late reply, it's been crazy over here. I hope you're good my friend :)

great music, I like your music .

Hey there, thanks for listening friend :)

It is very good music to listen to music, mind mentality is good.!

Wow. Very intense as promised :)
I loved it though. I imagine someone riding really fast on a motorbike haha. I don't know why :)

Or, some American wrestler using this as his entry music hahaha.

lol agree with you
great song @edprivat

Hahah oh yeah I see exactly what you mean, with an announcer :)

Hahah oh yeah I see exactly what you mean, with an announcer :)

very interesting music, I like this music, and it feels very touching to me

THat's awesome to hear friend!

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