Maserati: Living Cell (post-rock/krautrock/electronic)

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"Living Cell" is the second track off Maserati's latest LP on Temporary Residence, Rehumanizer. Maserati has traditionally been an instrumental band, but on VII, the previous LP (and my first record with the band), we started exploring using vocoder to add both lead melody lines and a bit of lyrical context to the songs. Living Cell marks the very first time Maserati has employed un-effected vocals on a track, and I couldn't be happier with it. Chris, our bass player, did an excellent job keeping the lyrics cohesive with the "man reborn" themes percolating throughout the record ... we also pulled of a pretty interesting production technique: as the song begins, the vocals are entire "human" but as track progresses the vocoded vocals begin to slowly take over, finally overtaking the humanity of the voice as "we've found our home" on a cybernetic planet.

Ok, the cybernetic planet part is just my interpretation. When in doubt, my brain has a interpretive predisposition towards Cybertron/Stan Bush.

*You've got the touch. *

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I like the concept for this LP.

I'm hearing Interpol, Radiohead, some other things too, and what's most worth noting; something entirely different.

It's good. I like it, and that makes it 'good'.

Excellente! That was great, the delayed guitar with the chunky bass and drums create some definite otherworldy grooves. The vocal shapeshifting throughout fit perfectly. Good stuff man.

Thank you sir!

Sick! The guitar and vocal effects blew me away. The vocals manage to be disorienting and intelligible at the same time. I feel like the delay on the guitar causes each note to "catch up" to itself as they decay out, so cool!

This man fkin gets it!!!

I think I haven't heard ANYTHING more impressive than this on this platform. Truly WOW! Fantastic work, fantastic talent! :)

That is mighty kind of you! Thanks!!

Really great, I totally dig this - Yeah I second the interpol, but the vocals kinda remind me of Emigrate too. There's a lot of sounds "sorta" like bands actually, but I can't pin it down exactly, which means it's perfectly unique. Great work, the production is top notch, too!

I'm gonna listen to it driving my car. All of your tracks here :D

Really love the vibe of this tune man, absolutely great work! Will share this to some friends I know will dig it as well!

It reminds me to interpol cool :)

love the art

amazing. very good music flow

what a bass !!! denn bass ist besser :-)

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