50 SBD "BARS OF THE OPERATOR" RAP CHALLENGE #1 SUBMISSIONS - Drop bars on my new track and win 50 SBD.

in dsound •  6 months ago

Let's keep this short, sweet and to the point: I've been working on a liquid beat that is begging for a talented MC to drop bars over it. It's in that uptempo bpm range where you could doubletime and hustle a bunch of lyrics in, or take your time and ride the quarter note pulse. I am extremely curious how it gets interpreted... there is also a verse and chorus differentiation after the intro that I encourage everyone to utilize.

Download the track from DSound or THIS LINK.

Resteem this contest post. Record your bars over the beat.

I'm not picky about how you record yourself, be it video or audio, nor where you host it. If you go the audio route, please keep your files for a later mix by me that will be the winning entrants to keep and do whatever they please with.

Once recorded, post a link to your submission in the comments section below. I'll pick the winner in one week, post it onto Dsound and ship them FIFTY SBD, winner take all. Going big with the prize, and hoping for all the ridiculous Steemit MC talent to come blazing out of the woodwork on this one!! Much love to @rondonson for his tireless commitment to building the rap challenge community. I wasn't aware of his work when I made this beat or had the notion to do a rap contest for it, but it was invaluable and my deep dive through the submissions from the community was extremely rewarding and recommended.

@bryandivisions @verbal-d @laritheghost @scottychams @voyceatlas @jamesgetsit @d-vine @alao @vandal @scribblingwilly @kenentertainment @wolfnworbeikood @vandigital @orbital753 @gentlesouljah @youngogmarqs @lionel.thebidrs @kingeazi @brahmy @elamental @seanfiji @orbital753 @opinizeunltd @scuzzy @riggsyfort @redsfallin @belemo @talea.mone @boycharlieplays @d-pend @kaliju @thinxx

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


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I wish I would have seen this in time to participate, make sure you let me know if you do another one. I just dropped my debut album and it is FREE for DL for everyone, and held a crucial record release party with some other dope emcees and a band. I have also just created a conscious Hip-Hop artist support initiative, that I hope to grow into to a support bot that gives meaningful up-votes to conscious emcees, DJs, and producers. All this stuff is on my blog.


Great track, and im going to try and come up for something with this myself, resteemed as well because Ive heard some really talented MCs on here, looking forward to hearing this in its completion!!


Thanks my dude!

reminds me a bit of something off Richard D James album too :-D

Such a great initiative. I am not really the music maker but I am sure I am one of your regular supporters of your posts! All the best for your organising of rap challenge. You are definitely the generous one for sure!

Sounding too fresh brotha.... loving that lo-fi glitchy sound and seriously can't wait to rock over this :) will try to lay something down over the next few days. Keep up the great work man.. Mad respect!!

is there a deadline?


One week from posting!

Love how beautifully glitchy this is. Looking forward to hearing some of the bars that go over it! Great work bud!


Thanks sir! Was just checking out your steem monsters track and having flashbacks (good and bad!) to the process of scoring an Xbox game with “orchestral shmup last of the Mohicans” for guidance .... immediately into the next gig which was “spaghetti western zydeco” and more or less pushed us over the edge of sanity trying to make money as a music scoring collective. Takes real work not many can appreciate since it’s such a ludicrously competitive “dream gig.” Violin was on point and didn’t sound at all sample-y. Had a touch of Firefly (the series) epic-barnyard fiddle timbre to it, which was pretty dope. Drastically need to modernize my sample instrument game...

...Or I could leave that to professionals like yourself and jam on the modular, a thing I am actually competent at.


Dude that's awesome, thanks so much. Really means a lot coming from you!

And yeah man you really have to love it, it gets tedious for sure. I've done a lot of drama with a sprinkle of horror here and there, and neither one really got me all that excited. Fantasy stuff I can do quite painlessly.

And Komplete 11 has some super awesome stuff in there if you can spring for it. Definitely fun to play around with!

Thank you for your post. :) I have voted for you: 🎁! To call me just write @contentvoter in a comment.

Nice music really like it.

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So unique!

DOPE BEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent and very well executed the post in a cordial way and easy to understand.