"Mansell Beach" - from Original Modular Synth Ambient LP "slowfork"

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Clint Mansell has been my favorite film composer since Darren Aronofsky's incredible full length film debut, "Pi". For an exercise in breakbeat early 90s electronic soundtracking, you can find no better example and it's influence on modern film scoring cannot be understated.... which is precisely why the brilliant and forward thinking evolution of Mansell's work up to and including Moon and Black Swan is so incredibly riveting. Instead of remaining in a post-industrial breakbeat landscape that he helped create, Mansell was an early adopter of minimalist synth work injected with orchestral flourish, as evidenced in Requiem For A Dream and countless other soundtracks in the 2000s.

This piece is one hundred percent me putting myself into a Clint Mansell sort of headspace. Uncomplicated and unburdened by rhythmic complexity, this piece bathes in a sunny day at the beach with a subtle undertone of disassociation and unease. It's modern film score 101 and a genre I cannot stress enough how much I'd like to get paid more frequently to slave over for months on end helping filmmakers underscore the complexities of their film's intentions.

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A strange mix of almost walking toward hope and yet grounded in daunting. Nice piece!

You know I chopped up your dwindler last week. I’m not much of a audio perfectionist... I did my best connecting the feelings I was seeking. A few places I felt it was perfect.


Whattttt no way! I’ll go check it out right now.


I’m still learning audio... so some of the transitions were rough... but over all it really set the mood I was looking for. The opening and outro were my favorite. Your music is really cinematic m8. I hope a real deal director finds you and cuts the deserved check!!

Deep mysterious progression, nice movement in my speakers and hypnotic trippy energys take me on a most kewl journey! Nice 1 :D

This is great, what an interesting soundscape.



.....oh the?

Really interesting one like it and upvoted.