"DWINDLER" Remastered - Trk 13: American Modular by DRUMOPERATOR

in dsound •  5 months ago

Ambient synth music comes from a very different region of my brain than my more intensely structured compositions. I generally try and set the parameters (key, small melodic phrases, basic rhythm and tempo) and let the patch itself dictate where it's going to go. I also introduce uncertainty and randomness by patching key elements in conjunction with the Make Noise Wogglebug, allowing melodies to reach a note or two (within scale of course) out of their comfort zones.

This patch, composed during a beautiful golden hour sunset, relies on this generative mindset to sprawl out. The main melody is of course prearranged, but a mirror of it is being filtered to the point of disintegration and then fed into the Cloud granular synthesis engine to be rebuilt as a long droning pad. The same filter (Three Sisters by Mannequins) is receiving white noise and sculpting it in unison with the Clouds drone, adding some much needed texture and a surreal soundscape.

Stay tuned this coming week, as I've got a video single to drop that comes from the -way- more technical side of my brain and features a three way video feed of me playing the drum, bass and modular synth parts in single passes. It also has a vaguely big beat, totally non-ironic Prodigy sorta vibe that I make no apologies for.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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I figgin love your project and everythign I have heard from it!!!!!!


Thanks man! Much appreciated!

great atmosphere. im working on a follow up to my dark brothers thriller. i could really hear parts of this as the texture of what im working on. i have said something like this before, several months ago...but im serious if you are open to it. i could yoink it off of youtube...but i dont know how to extract from dsound. how could get i get a file of this.


Go for it! There is a download link on dsound!