"WHOSEHOUSE/DRUMSHOUSE" Remastered - Trk 12: American Modular by DRUMOPERATOR

in dsound •  6 months ago

House music is a genre with deceptive complexity. On it's surface, the whole affair is, like a large portion of electronic music, a bunch of minimal electronic elements slaved to a 4/4 kick with some upbeat hats. It is in the nuance of how these are layered and how melodically compelling one can get within these constraint that separates good from bad house music, and also what makes the genre intrinsically relevant to composing on a modular system. I find it particularly interesting that my appreciation of this sorta bare bones rhythm is compartmentalized to electronic composition, and that once voiced on an acoustic drumset I am immediately finding every possible way to layer ghost notes in, perhaps to the detriment of the composition.

This piece was written, like a large amount of my output lately, in the van on a small travel modular rig. Composing while in transit is both necessity and inspiration...while I don't find myself in a dance club environment nearly as much as a rock club environment, something about 4/4 kick at a medium-upbeat tempo just feels like getting to a destination to me, and inspires all manner of choices informed by my constantly in motion environment.

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Good work. I find it interesting to see your thoughts on drums from a drummer perspective since it’s not really my background. Reminds me of my brother and his approach to programming.