"SMSHR " Remastered - Trk 9: American Modular by DRUMOPERATOR

in dsound •  10 months ago

When working with a small eurorack synth case, one of the immediate priorities becomes using each hp of space as efficiently as humanly possible. Today's track is courtesy of the ridiculous efficiency presented in the Erica PicoDrums module. Good lord. All of the drums heard here are sourced from this uniquely useful 3hp sample based drum machine, specially these are the Trash Audio (of Surachai and Alessandro Cortini fame) samples of the Elektron Machine Drum loaded into my PicoDrum and taken on the road for two voice hyjinx aplenty. I also made a pile of glitchy nonsense before building the case, loading these after my more normal sample set and effectively giving me a second voice of the Noise Engineering Basmilus Iteritas (which gets used almost every patch and here is doing the clangy, FM-ringmod sorta percussive sounds ... as it do.) Although turning a modular system into a groove box is somewhat entry level stuff, it is nevertheless incredibly rewarding and a damn fine way to knock a track out in a subterranean green room in Brooklyn before your set!
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Damn Dsound not loading at the moment, was going to listen


Thanks for trying matt! I’m sure it will be back up soon.

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