"CHORAL PANE" Remastered - Trk 6: American Modular by DRUMOPERATOR — Steemit

"CHORAL PANE" Remastered - Trk 6: American Modular by DRUMOPERATOR

in dsound •  7 months ago

You may remember this piece from my live performance in a church in Cincinnati on my most recent road trip, now made frequentially and dynamically reasonable courtesy of my sweet mastering chain and lack of an impending soundcheck deadline.

In so many ways, this piece is indicative of my newfound obsession with generative music .. both in the sense of setting up a patch on the modular and "sweeping" through voltages on the sequencer that affect multiple parameters at once, discovering my melodies moreso than writing them ... and taking it a step further by setting the bounds on a random voltage output to take the wheel on said selection process. This has been my goto trick for generating a ton of sound and variance from a relatively small number of sequencer voltages. Once I've got something I'm digging, I'll figure out the approximate voltage range that channel on the sequencer is working with and use attenuators to set the boundaries on my Wogglebug (Make Noise's unbelievably inspiring random voltage generator) and let it drive certain parts of the patch. In this case specifically it's augmenting the chord shapes while they cycle melodically through overlaid repetitions of seven and eight.

The end result? A nigh-endless bath of melodically related, but non-repeating triumphantly churchy chords. Get healed.

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i have no idea what are you talking about so i stopped reading after "voltages on the sequencer" but this is good piece of music!!!

I do remember this track! Awesome revisit!


Thanks my dude!