The Place I'm Going [Stranger]

in dsound •  8 months ago

This is a tune I wrote when I didn't know what was waiting for me, across the ocean, with someone I cared about deeply. At the time, I compared that with other unknowns in the world around me. This tune means a lot to me. Let me know what you think! Have a great day, friends.
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good job............

I like your post, because it really inspires everyone, good job @drkent,

Please follow and upvote me @halim08

Good posting , do not forget our vote too. Thank you very much . @drkent

Hi sir @drkent. This is beautiful. I listened to your dlive tune and you brought me to where you were. Oh my... i really love the tune sir.

I see a lot of passion in you and love. How much you adore deeply that special someone.
Thank you for sharing you lovely tune and a piece of you sir @drkent. I got inspired with it.

Have a great day ahead. Followed you sir. Looking forward for your next post.