Black Steemian Guitar (Original Music)

in dsound •  5 months ago

This was the first track i ever composed for _Steemit Open Mic_, it was fully played with my new _Schecter Damien_ guitar which i bought completely with my _steemit_ earnings. I remember it being very surreal to buy a new guitar only with earnings from a site, that really moved me to keep posting on steemit and i have been doing it since then...


► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Awesome dude! keep up the good work.


Thanks my friend! :D

Eres muy talentoso, siempre un placer escucharte. Brutal como decimos los venezolanos. :D

Dude this song is the structure of it

Awesome Rafael. I too found it surreal to be rewarded for playing the guitar after all these years. The motivation has been really great and the musical content here is top notch, keep it up Rafael :D

@dreamrafa Sing a song for us bcoz guitar is looking good with song can you sing ???