Chillout Glitch Music: Memoirs of a Geisha - مذكرات من الجيشا

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memoirs cover.png

'Memoirs of a Geisha' Inspired Music

Peace Steemit!

Like so many of us I've always been a big fan of Japanese culture, music and anime movies as a kid growing up, with that said the other day I was watching ['Memoirs of a Geisha']( and it inspired me to produce the beat that you are hearing in the background of this video teaser.

The beat I made needed some visual inspiration so I chopped some clips from [Memoirs of a Geisha]( Snow Dance scene to accompany the sound and provide the visual setting for what Inspired me to make the music. [Original video source](

Thanks for Listening and Kudos on your Feedbacks!

The Music Revolution Won't be Televized, It's On The Blockchain...

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I hope I could a Geisha gracefully dancing in front of me in the future. It would be awesome!

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