We found Dsound!!!

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Since we've been back, we've been looking for ways to get more out of our Steemit profile than we used to.


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We must say things have developed quite a bit and we are so grateful for it. Being musicians on Steemit has been a bit of a push from the start not really knowing where to fit in on this crypto focus social platform. Seeing guys make efforts to changing that with guys like @luzcypher with the open mic and many photography guys hosting competitions its really become a lot easier here for us creatives.

Earlier this week finally getting Dtube to work with us we were able to upload our video's because fuck Youtube. Then today looking around at other muso's we found Dsound (Created by @prc). How great is that? Now we can also upload all of our music and we must say it is truly starting to feel like we as musicians are now to home on Steemit.

We just want to give a massive shout out to all of the creators supplying us with all of these platforms and if we are still missing anything cool please let us know :).

Check out our Dtube channel HERE


Check out our Dsound channel HERE

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