Fresh new music from up-and-coming artists - rising revelations #24

in dsound •  10 months ago

This week's selections are more thematic than usual revelations, the name of the game here is trippy, chaotic, eery, freaky and delirious.

The main thought behind the selections is a unique touch to the production, composition or musicality approach.

Sonic palette will present itself uncompromising, emotional, transitions between sections being like dream switches, raw, instant and sweeping.

This one is a lucid dream feeding on anxiety of sleeplessness, paranoia of wasted time and suspension of disbelief of monsters inside and out. The set therefore becomes a purge of tense emotions, cathartic, spontaneous and convalescent.


1 på kryss og på tvers by Rave-enka
2 Linguistics by VvvvV (Hashback Hashish Remix)
3 Osho Dub by Annias (Kaiten Remix)
4 Second Law by Menavi
5 Cytarra by Yarosslav
6 Zombie (Dance Floor Mix) by Noise Mac Feat. Adhi
8 Lost by Maximalism (Kiki Remix)
10 Tribute by saken
11 eLeSDii by DeHiir
12 Oh Boi by Morelia
13 My Bass Line by 4bel
14 Abyssal Whip by Oliver Carloni, DJOKO
15 The Cycle by Benny Fishel
17 Hinterkaifeck (Original Mix) by Benny Fishel & Tensuns
18 Speaking in Tongues by Roman Kov
19 Ancient Innovators by Golden Child

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wikid. I put a couple of tracks on Dsound yesterday. You should feature some of it IF you like it.

Hope you're good!

Your comments and response to my posts really pushed me to post more, so thanks for that man.

Re - the music - Just realised you are a House head! doh


Thank you, Sam I will check it out! You are right, in the series I mostly feature House and Techno, but I very often have left-field opening or closing tracks of whatever genre :)

I am happy to hear I motivate someone, have been a little too busy myself to participate much on steemit, so your comment was just as motivating in return! Thank you, man!

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