Fresh new music from up-and-coming artists - rising revelations #25

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Time for another milestone episode and what better way to celebrate it than creating a sum of the parts episode showcasing the range of sound these series have provided over the time.

I couldn't find a more fitting cover to represent the mood of the set - somber hazy start waking up the senses with deeper sound to blossom into a bright and upbeat section of excellent classy and lofi house vibes and wrap up with a brisk reflection featuring dusky Techno grooves.

Realizing possibility of overextending the metaphor, it is also tempting to mention that the cyclical nature of the sun rising, every time to bring something new for the day is an apt description of the process revelations go through; they are both old and new, seasoned and fresh, wise and ever curious.

Thank you everyone who listens and supports this little endeavour!


1 Halelujah by Zone+ & Usif (Ioanis & DonSon Remix)
2 Tandatan by MockBeat & Martin Bundsen
3 Northern Light by Coeus
4 Lovesong by Sarkis Mikael & Dekado ft. Heibert
5 Kortego by Mattr
6 Sand by Yeah But No
7 Borealis by Risico & Adam Helder
8 Sunlight by FRIEDRICH
9 Told Me by Jon Gravy
10 Respawn by Jake Dudley
11 Roots by Disco Kid
12 Do Nuttin by Nadia Lucy
13 Like It by Joshwa (UK)
14 H.A.M. by Alya (Menesix Remix)
15 Not Here 4 Long by Dylan Forbes
16 Immersive by Fancy Inc
17 Selective by Jay Dean
18 Karhea by Orion
19 Chainlink by Benny Fishel & Repulsion

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