Fresh new music from up and coming artists - rising revelations #26

in dsound •  8 months ago

The theme of this week's episode is textures - of sound, of atmosphere, of listening space, rituals and paraphernalia surrounding the listening experience. I have tried to gather tracks that all have some unfathomable captivating elements about them, the deceptive simplicity that gets it's hooks deep and demands your attention.

First half of the set is a deep sound aficionado's dream, where the second half is dedicated to a playful exploration and intermingling of tracks that stole my heart and were prime material to have a little fun with.

Long time listeners know the amount of consistency and variety I try to achieve and I am confident this episode strikes a satisfactory balance between fresh tunes and what is expected of a solid mmee set.

Thank you for listening and hope you find more tracks that make you fall in love with music all over again!


1 Zamin by RASI-Z

2 Helmer by Bremer, Nordfold

3 Morning Stroll by Roman Kov

4 Far From Us by Konvex & The Shadow

5 Wiide by Slow Hearts

6 Wasteland by Loic Lass

7 Kaskaskia by Masserne

8 Blackout by Tough Art

9 Work It Out by Black Fancy

10 Disco Kick by Naznazard

11 Get Right by AL Sharif

12 Vamos by Max Holtey

13 Hello by Vantane

14 Mesmerized by S.M.I.T.H

15 Rock The Beat by More Than Friends

16 Chupala by Javi Reina & Mr. Sid

17 Broken Heart Syndrome by Alex Index

18 Chat Shit by Lost & Found

19 The Question by Otoktone

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