The Memories - Original Music - @davidfar

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Artist : Davood Faramarzi (@davidfar)
Title : The Memories
In this track I started playing some arpeggio on piano and then I started playing Cello on it (Cello Plugin) and well the result was this classical piece :) , in the beginning and in the ending I used slow tempo to fast tempo and fast tempo to slow tempo, I myself feel like that starting piano keys sounds like a sound in space, and the cello sounds like its telling a love story or maybe a life story ... I hope you guys enjoy!

Love and Peace!

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Was sniffing around dsound researching the possibility of getting my act together to diddle up a podcast and happily stumbled upon you.

This piece is truly beautiful ~ also listened to a few of your other tracks and appreciated them too.

I am an artist/writer/lightworker trying to figure out the best way I can add value here. I invite you to pop by mine if you have a spare mo...




thank you so much, it's nice to meet you :) thanks for all the kind words , I am glad you liked my works

sounds very natural and organic to me. i woulnd have noticed that the cello is made with a plugin.. i love it

thank you so much

Piano and cello are two of my top to violin.

تبریک بابت این قطعه موفق باشی رفیق

@davidfar bro this could be an amazing track for a Zelda game, really cool :P

thank you so much, I love games, I haven't played Zelda, but it sounds cool!

A great piece man. i love the Cello myself and it's one of my favorite instruments. You captured the emotions with this one.

many thanks man :) It's your kindness :)

This is a really nice mellow piece of music!

hey Amber :) thank you for the kind words

A Creative soul is closer to nature for it is most reliable source of inspiration. Nice song @david far.
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Inam ahange farda sobe man... 😏🎧👍

kheili motshakeram :)) 😊

Aaaaa ghashangeeee... in ahang ham mano yade ye filme cartonie samete kamelan ehsasi endakht... kheili khub bud thank you 😊

very beautiful sounding music you

I was transported in this piece and discovered a world built on lost memories. Thank you :)

that's the magic LOL, I also traveled in memories with my music, thank you so much

Lovely tunes, great music.

thank you apiprincz :)

you welcome sire. Keep producing more music and adding more quality. Shalom!

As always, you did a great job. Keep up the good work, my friend! :)

Thank you Kamyk for the kind words! thanks for listening to my works :)

Beautiful. Rather than memories, I would call it "Beautiful Moments".
I enjoy music more deeply with my eyes closed, so I played it and closed my eyes and I felt like I'm in some auditorium and I'm dancing with my love, one guy is playing Piano on one side whereas few guitarists are playing guitar on another side and we are just dancing and dancing and dancing.
Good combination of arpeggio, Cello, fast tempo and low tempo, whatsoever these may be ;)
Waiting for the next one.

Many thanks Faizan, I am happy for having you here and thank you for giving me this great feedback!

It's my pleasure to provide valued feedback and thanks to you too for sharing your great work. Keep it up bro.

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