The Keys - Original Music - Playing Piano VST with my Midi Keyboard - and a little Persian style

in dsound •  3 months ago

Artist : Davood Faramarzi aka @Davidfar

Title : The Keys

I started this track with a Mysterious Piano Arpeggio which came to my mind, and I started playing it and recording it, later after I created the drums parts, I started playing with Low Keys to add some heavy sounds which that fills the track so well, and at the end I played the intro part, it was not what I planned to play it was just like something happened in the moment, and I just let the emotions choosing which notes to play.

I only saw an Iranian pianist was playing that technique but I haven't tried it so this was my first time :D

Peace & Love!!

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► Listen from source (IPFS)

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They applaud the great DAVID ... BRAVOOO my brother, this piece has as a dark touch and at the same time very beautiful, I remember a bit the songs that appear in the SILENT HILL video game.


Hey bro! :D thank you!! , Silent hill is a cool game :D I played a version in past, maybe it's an effect from it on me hahaa, but at the time when I was playing this, I had no background idea, I was just trying to play it with some emotion and idea which came to my mind :)


Well, my brother, continues like this :D

Hey Davood, I love when those dark piano notes kick in and the percussion is very creepy and fitting with the whole vibe. Well done as always my friend.


Thank you Lyndsay :)) It's great to read your kind comment and kind feedback on my track! :D

Another beautiful song, Davood! Thank you for the great music you provide for us. Upvoted 100%.


Thank you Terry, I'm so glad you liked it man :) , its your kindness!

Waooo,,, beautiful music

Very nice music post

Great work at this post. Thanks for shareing

Sounds like a mysterious night walk to me. Nice and creepy. I liked it better the second time I listened. I guess I heard things I missed the first time around. I hear a lot of different influences there. It mixed really well to make something unique...I think that's your talent. <3


Thank you so much My good friend, it's always a pleasure to read your kind comments <3 <3 Hugs

I like It too much, I also love low notes. Great song, congrats! and thak you for sharing It with us 😊


Thank you so much man :D

Amazing tones. Reminds me a mix between massive attack intro for dr house.


Thank you :d