Chill time - Instrumental

in dsound •  last year 

I made this track in summer 2017. I was inspired by some Lo-fi/Chillhop artists on youtube. I was´n sure if i should sample old music or come up with some original ideas. But i wanted that MPC feeling. So i decided to play some simple chords in order to sample myself and thats what came out.

Thank you in advance for listening.

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► Listen from source (IPFS)

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nice vibes (:


thank you :)

cool pic

Wow so beautiful


thank you!

Nice and chillllll... Yea man, very cool. Diggin it.


thank you i really appreciate it :)

thanks for sharing ! keep up


thank you!

hi darqub...nice post, great sounds


hi @jsr22...thank you for listening :)

Just great for relaxing.


yes, that was my intention making this one :)

Its really cool...😍


thanks man!

this is great



I enjoy it :)


thank you for stopping by

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