A New Story - Instrumental

in #dsound3 years ago (edited)

This is another beat i wanted to share with you.

Please let me know what you think about this in a comment below.

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)


Very good song. You are very talented.keep going...

thank you very much Lucky :)

thanks very much!

Yeah! I like it. I would not really call it "experimental", but it´s a good piece of solid work and it is fun listening to it. I´ve enjoyed it. The sounds you´ve used fit perfectly and build a unique "picture of sounds", but don´t blur and each stays clear in the mix. Thank you for uploading and posting! I´ll follow you right away. Rolf from the Czech republic

i must agree rolf its not that much "experimental". thank you for listening. i like your content!!! followed back.

this track really catchy.

Instrumental, in contrast to the song, is a musical composition or recording with no lyrics or vocal music of any kind; all music is generated through musical instruments.

I think its great personally, and ill like to come across more of this

thank you for listening. yes i will definitely make more of this crazy stuff in the future :D

Your synths are vsts or you play on keyboard? I'm still thinking about this synth from previous track :D

haha :D its a vst bro.

Wow, really good one there. Legit thumbs up fam

thank you!

I agree that it's not really experimental but it's well produced and an enjoyable instrumental. I could see someone rapping over this.

Thanks very much for listening my friend :) i agree i should´t call it experimental its just not a typical hiphop beat.

Now that I wouldn't know being a rocker! :P

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Nice song you have there @darqub! Keep it up!

thanks for choosing dsound to share this on #steemit, I appreciate your try and would like to say keep it up. share more songs as music lovers are many like me around this world. 👌👏👍👍

thank you for listening @shohana1
i really appreciate it!

AWESOME MUSIC MAN! Im going in psyrock(PinkFloyd) right now and i need to develop it somehow...please check my shit! dsound.audio/#/@rocknrollfactory

Nice song! Great job!

thanks for listening :)

for me the way using the dsound or let anyone vote like you I am very impressed same your progress I want to like you
thank you @darqub

thanks :)

How do you how to you in the same upvote dsound for his know how I evolved too @darqub

sorry but i didn´t understand the question 😅

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nice post, I like to kind people who want to share.

like your posts, and you are very genius towards people
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thank you, you too :)

This is really a good article.
I will always pay attention to you and support you.
I hope you can pay attention to me and support me.
thank you