I Am In Need Of YOUR Support! "Funky Jazz Monkey" by D-VINE

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Happy Friday Wonderful Human Beans & Music Lovers!! 🙌🎶💕

I am kinda freakin out, I just ( it only took me forever, always thinking it's not good enough ) entered my song "Funky Jazz Monkey" into a contest!

"Funky Jazz Monkey" is a jazzy Liquid Funk ( D&B sub-genre ) track I created ( produced, mixed & mastered ) a while ago.

I've been gathering more knowledge, have been learning new methods since releasing it in January & found I needed to apply them.
I just can't help myself, ehehe!

Would you be so kind & give me your vote if you like it? 🙌🎶💕


Thank you from the bottom of my heart in advance for your kind support! 🙌🎶

I wish you all a fab Friday & hope you enjoy "Funky Jazz Monkey".



"Funky Jazz Monkey"on CHOON

You can find me on all the platforms below!

► Listen on DSound
► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Ich hab' dann mal zwei Votes ausgebracht ... also hier und da :)

Oh, wie lieb! Vielen <3lichen Dank!!

I hope this means I voted for it

Du hast erfolgreich für diesen Song gestimmt!

I somehow ended up at the German site. Awesome track, loving the bass on it going to give the Bose in my car a work out when I finally get back to England

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Hiya @c0ff33a! Oh man, that's so kind of you, thank you so much!
It says you successfully voted <3
Thank you so much again <3

Cool Start to this D-Vine , Hey This is nice , Love that Bass big time .

And that Brass is Cool too Funky Monkey...

Hehehe, even happier now @nakedverse!! <3

Cool :) I bet you are hehe :)


Yaaay!! Happy you like it! <3

I really hope you win because this song is fricking amazing!

That's so sweet of you @elbrujo, thank you so much!! <3

Of course I hope you win, my dear!!! Voted (and I'm NOT A ROBOT!!! I swear, I swear, bleep, bloop, bleep, bloop !!!)

Thank you so much, you lovely soul! <3 <3 <3

Holy wow! You are still my hero!! Your sound is just so clean!!
love it!

You are too sweet @hilladigahackles! I love that you love it! Thank you for your lovely words! <3

Hey girl! :) Also placed my vote! Your song deserves it largely and that bass stands out... ;) Good luck! Fingers crossed here...

Heya @prc, you are awesomeeeeee!!!! Thank you so much, really means a lot!! Best wishes from Germany <3

All the best for the contest my demented and euphoric friend! I loved mixing this one in to Kaleidoscope on my final Platform Project show before I went travelling. Great track 🙏

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Weeeehhh, thank you so much my demented and euphoric friend!! <3 <3 <3 giphy-72.gif