101 Series: Bitcoin

in #dsound3 years ago

Karim, Mike, and Brent sit down to discuss Bitcoin, the daddy of all the cryptocurrency. They try to break down the way blockchain functions, which is the technology behind Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies. This is all done through a really thin group of metaphors, including some Jurassic Park references. Sit back, and relax while they show you the way! Bitcoin 101 starts now.

[Check out the full show notes](cryptobasicpodcast.com/home/bitcoin

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Just caught your Steemit podcast and wanted to leave a few comments/thoughts/upvotes but you don't have any recent posts up :p

I suppose I'll wait until you get a new post going and share my thoughts at that time. Nice job on the podcast though, I actually just subscribed on google play a few days ago.

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