Learn Portuguese with Cris #101

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Hello guys! I'm @crissimoes and this is my hundredth first post here on @dsound. Are you ready for another class?

Today I will teach you three new verbs in the simple past: "Vender" - to sell, "Comprar" - to buy, "Alugar" - to rent.

Let's get started!

Vender - to sell
Eu vendi - I sold
Tu vendeste - You sold
Ele/Ela vendeu - He/She/It sold
Nós vendemos - We sold
Vós vendestes - You sold
Eles/Elas venderam - They sold

Comprar - to buy
Eu comprei . I bought
Tu compraste - You bought
Ele/Ela comprou - He/She/It bought
Nós compramos - We bought
Vós comprastes - You bought
Eles/Elas compraram - They bought

Alugar - to rent
Eu aluguei - I rented
Tu alugaste - You rented
Ele/Ela alugou - He/She/It rented
Nós alugamos - We rented
Vós alugastes - You rented
Eles/Elas alugaram - They rented

We have come to the end of another Portuguese class.

If you have any question please let me know in the comments bellow.

Hope you have enjoyed my hundredth first post here on @dsound and I'm looking foward to see you next time!


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