Learn Portuguese with Cris #95

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Hello guys! I'm @crissimoes and this is my ninety fifth post here on @dsound. Are you ready for another class?

Today I will teach you three new verbs in the future: "Cantar" - to sing, "Limpar" - to clean and "Conduzir" - to drive.

Let's get started!

Cantar - to sing
Eu cantarei - I will sing
Tu cantarás - You will sing
Ele/Ela cantará - He/She/It will sing
Nós cantaremos - We will sing
Vós cantareis - You will sing
Eles/Elas cantarão - They will sing

Limpar - to clean
Eu limparei - I will clean
Tu limparás - You will clean
Ele/Ela limpará - He/She/It will clean
Nós limparemos - We will clean
Vós limpareis - You will clean
Eles/Elas limparão - They will clean

Conduzir - to drive
Eu conduzirei - I will drive
Tu conduzirás - You will drive
Ele/Ela conduzirá - He/She/It will drive
Nós conduziremos - We will drive
Vós conduzireis - You will drive
Eles/Elas conduzirão - They will drive

We have come to the end of another Portuguese class.

If you have any question please let me know in the comments bellow.

Hope you have enjoyed my ninety fifth post here on dsound and I'm looking foward to see you next time!


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Good luck with the classes! I will listen later as I would love to the Portuguese that I already know! Thanks for this!