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Hello guys! I'm @crissimoes and this is my ninety third post here on @dsound. Are you ready for another class?

Today we are going to talk about Relative Pronouns.

A Relative Pronoun is a word that combines two parts in a sentence standing in a place of a noun.

Let's check some Relative Pronouns:

Que - means who, whom, which and that. For example:

A mulher que telefonou ontem, é a Ana. - The woman that calls yesterday is Ana.
O menino que está naquela cadeira é o João. - The boy that is in at that chair is João.

Quem - mean who or whom. This Relative Pronoun is used just to refer to people. Example:

A pessoa a quem ela dedicou o prémio é o seu namorado. - The person to whom she dedicated the prize is her boyfriend.

Qual/Quais - They have the same meaning as "Que" and "Quem". They are used to refer to both people and things.

O jogador de futebol sobre o qual falei é considerado o melhor do mundo. - The soccer player who I talked about is considered the best of the world.

We have come to the end of another Portuguese class.

If you have any question please let me know in the comments bellow.

Hope you have enjoyed my ninety third post here on @dsound and I'm looking foward to see you next time!


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