The 'I can't find people like me!' mantra

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There are many reasons why we isolate ourselves, but there’s a particular trait of well-meaning, passionate, creative humans who are keen to find their tribe and get on with making the world waaaaay more beautiful, fair and harmonious…

The state of being ‘unable to find people like me’ is a form of rigidity, a mental prayer that emanates into the world… It’s a sign of our having decided inside our self, that we are ‘different’ (perhaps even ‘better than’, or in the least ‘more’ something or other than) those around us: we’ve defined a line, a wall, a void, between us and ‘anyone’ or ‘everyone’, which in essence precludes our connecting with them.

This preclusion of connecting with others is one of the most central issues to our contemporary suffering and unhappiness: it very physically sets us apart and keeps us from reaching out or making the link between us and them.

And the fact that we’ve categorised literally ‘e v e r y o n e’ around us – using whatever genre, political label, ethics field, set of values or non-values, etc, etc – means that we’re working mentally rather than whole-body-mind-spirit-edly.

Our tendency to overuse our ‘logical’ mind, whilst under-using our immense creative symbiosis (with all other humans, life forms, elements and objects on this planet and beyond…) is a conditioned behaviour very much tied into the capitalist, consumerist ‘reality’. We begin with a general idea like ‘I am isolated’, and we build evidence for it and feel into it as it’s a modern theme of our culture.

We eventually amass an overwhelming amount of ‘proof’ that we are ‘unable’ to find friends or confidants, collaborators or even good neighbours, not realising that it’s our own unwillingness to interweave and inter-be, that is making it so. This fits in beautifully to the collective mythology of us being separate individuals in our little box homes, and having literally nothing to do with even those that we live in close proximity to…

Over our lifetime, this atrophies our natural, inherent connectedness – like a bound foot accepting the limitation of the bandages which is preventing us from walking, leaping, running.

In this podcast I talk at length as to why this is all another aspect of our self-imposed smallness; how our connectedness comes through humility, willingness to listen and see and feel, and an unrelenting passion to keep connecting until the other person opens up.

The conditioning of our being ‘different’ and ‘separate’ is one of the most powerful tools in our disempowerment: it keeps us from freeing not only our own immense positive-creative field, but it blocks our working collectively and freeing up the natural force of good that comes from humans working together for a more beautiful world.

Much love to you all!

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