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The fact that we all live in this constructed ‘reality’ that is based almost entirely on the privilege of the wealthy, white owner-of-a-phallus – so much so that even ‘god’ is depicted as a powerful, pale-skinned man – this means we’re all bound into not just speaking exclusively his language but giving our entire energetic resource and attention to his model of 'the world'.

We’re all invested enormously in the genuine (though naive/ small-minded) collective belief that his power is a real authority, can tell us what to think/ how to feel/ when and where to act: it’s ‘the only option’ in a life of transactions and following-the-rest-of-the-flock, whilst wholly ignoring the effects of our ‘forced’ activities on the rest of Life.

This podcast touches on why our Real power – our sovereign state – has profoundly more potential than the patriarchal construct. We’re beginning to wake up to how our connectedness, our inquiring mind, our need for justice for all, our deepening values and ethics… how this is the true force: a force of nature that organically moves into harmonious symbiosis, rather than being a codependent element in a power-hungry artificial machine.

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