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These are genuinely unprecedented times: we’ve never been in this state of having us all so aware of the same thing at the same time; absorbed in and by it. So what can we do with all the adrenaline, over-stimulation and projection of negative scenarios and emotions that it’s bringing up for so many of us? Rather than it threatening to drown the world, surely there’s another option?

In this podcast I’ll talk about the fear (the psychological and emotional) aspect of this virus, prompted by Sama Morningstar’s brilliant blog https://www.samamorningstar.com/post/the-effects-of-unresolved-past-trauma-on-the-immune-system on how disproportionate fear can be rooted in unresolved trauma. I’m adding to this discourse, suggesting that we’re all so accustomed to being in a high-tension state of depressed, atrophied ‘reality’ – that doomsday really is a relatively short step from our everyday.

During this lock-down time, we have the perfect container to allow fears to arise and to transform them. As the air clears of smog and our avalanche lifestyles slow to a gentle, rhythmic drip, our tensions can unfold in a way that was never possible when we were in the usual grind.

Naturally, effortlessly, our thoughts and inquiries can finally fully form, and so be let go of. We can begin, collectively, to make more conscious decisions about how we want to do this thing we’re doing on planet earth. Now we’re slowed down sufficiently, we can be more aware, feel more, get in tune with what needs to be done, rather than being in this perpetual hamster wheel, just because everyone else is… We can be aware of other options, perspectives, realities.

In my understanding and embodied wisdom, we have a clear choice right now: Fear or Freedom.

So much blessed love and beauty to you today, Clare

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Wow... fear or freedom. There's no freedom with fear...
It's a good podcast for these difficult times.
We must fill the organism with good energies to overcome the barriers of reality.
Thank you for sharing @clareartista

Hallo dear @marcybetancourt! Thank you SOO much for this wonderfully supportive feedback! I'm excited about where we're all going right now - especially those of us who are NOT moving from fear! So glad of Steemit - or should I say, the new Hive that I just transferred to :-D

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