CineLonga-Steampunk Octopus Mix

in dsound •  11 months ago 

Deep house at its finest...

Chillout with the smoothest sounds...

Feel the vibe, enjoy the sound!
And yes, there is still goodness to be found!

Mixed by CineLonga with Love & Passion!

Here is the tracklist;

Ivan Garci - Noise (Original Mix)
Blaq Sons - Opposite Monk (S D J Remix)
Julia Messenger - I Gave You My Heart (Original Mix)
Amyi - Deep Under
Mâhfoud - Secret (T.M.A Remix)

credits to the original artist for the cover art

► Listen on DSound

► Listen from source (IPFS)

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Time for some awesome session from @cinelonga :) Great one mate!

thank you 🕺🏼😊

Spacil airy warm chilled atmosphere and positive relaxing flowing vibes! Sounds kool CL! :)

octopus serves well :)

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