CineLonga-Cylons Attack Mix

in #dsound3 years ago

I offer you an atmosphere with fear, energy and attack...

Feel the atmosphere with bursting techno beats and grooves...

Mixed by CineLonga with Love & Passion!

Feel the vibe, enjoy the sound!

Here is the tracklist;

Audio Cycles - Raw Wave
Jason Bourne - Analogical (Original Mix)
Goncalo M - Feels Like Dying Again (Original Mix)
Yrilic - The Dr
Goncalo M - Becoming This (Original Mix)
Nyls Lead - Potard
Niceteed and Rique' - Don't Stop (Oscar Barila Remix)
Harry Leon - Dale (Original Mix)
Kaiserdisco - Varuna (Adana Twins Remix)
Goncalo M - Wide Range (Original Mix)

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► Listen from source (IPFS)

Thanks for sharing, your music is great and it shows the passion you have for music

Thanks for your kind words

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I am new to dsound, guide me

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