What You NEED To Know If It's Your First Time Breaking Out!

in dsound •  4 months ago

This is what you need to know if it's your first time experiencing breakouts and getting acne in your life! I hope it helps, you are not alone, welcome to Team Acne!


  • A lot of people will be super lame to you because you are young

  • It will PROBABLY get worse since you are young and just experiencing it

  • Benzoyl peroxide can help. Diluted Tea tree oil can help redness swelling. Vitamin C Serum for redness. DO NOT put toothpaste on your zits, DO NOT use needles to pop your zits, DO NOT push on your zits until they pop, DO NOT use pure alcohol to clean your face.

  • Touching your face is the worst thing you can do

  • Get ready for SO much advice, a lot of it unsolicited and unneeded

  • It will get better with how people treat you

  • Be ready for adults and kids to say ridiculously mean things without them realizing just how mean it is.

  • Be patient and be kind to yourself. You're young so as you get older you'll understand how powerful accepting yourself and loving yourself can be but don't wait "until you're clear" to feel valuable and important. START RIGHT NOW CAUSE ITS THE TRUTH.

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