Seine - Valcer za Kraj [song inspired by E. A. Poe]

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This track was recorded in 2010 and released on my debut album. The band was then a duo: I played the guitar and sang, while my bandmate sang, played a bit of drums and accordeon. The recording was done on one microphone, in an attic, pretty lo-fi. I recorded and mixed the songs myself. I didn't know what I was doing (pretty much as I don't know now), but the first one is special. The miracle of birth.

This is the most popular song from that period. The translation of the title would be 'Waltz for the End'. It was inspired by the short story 'Pendulum and the Pit' by E.A. Poe, which as a kid I have read by proxy through a comicbook. A person wakes up in the dark, can't move, but hears the pendulum swinging above him. It's a pretty eerie and gothic story that served only as a basis for the song - in the song there are two characters and a bit of a love story. The song itself has a 'French feel', probably because of the accordeon, but also contrabass, played by a later-to-be member of the National Orchestra, a good high-school friend of mine.

Hope you like the song. Now Dsound is functional, I will probably upload all of my tracks, piece by piece. Stay tuned for other songs and take care. Cheers!

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