Woman | An Original Spoken Word Poem

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Womanhood is empowering, but is a constant journey of self-discovery and learning to oppose strict social ideas of how women should look and behave. I started this piece a few years ago, but have been inspired to revamp and share this work with the Steemit community.

Growing up as a tomboy, this journey took on a special shape. I hope this poem gives you insight into my story and also empowers you to stand firm in who you are as a woman.

Thanks for listening and Steem On!

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Tida, this was an amazing listen, have you done spoken word before? because you are amazing at it, and just ...incredible...

I can't say it was my first time haha. But I think as I have become more secure in my person, I believe and am more grounded in my pieces and what I share. Thanks for listening! I want to do monthly pieces hopefully!

This was just amazing! I felt the raw emotion and the empowerment!

Gosh I appreciate that so much. I want to always be raw and real and authentic. I'm glad it struck you that way. If you ever put anything out, lemme know!

Most definately, I look forward to more of your spoken word. I just started my dsound and dtube account. Still trying to figure how to upload my audios... experiencing user-end problems of converting a file smh LOL

@didic and @poeticsnake, I think you'll love this as much as I do. Amazing word Tida. Your voice is clear and powerful as is your message. I am blown away.

Thanks so much! I am hoping to put together some more work. There is one project that gives me anxiety to think about but will be good to process through because I've had a lot of traumas in life that I am only now wanting to face.

Let me know how I can support you, esp in TeamGirlPowa!

For sure, will do.

I actually started brainstorming a poem and literally froze and couldn't anymore because of the topic. I think I need to listen to others' stories and pieces about sexual trauma in particular, maybe it will give me the courage to face those chapters and moments. Definitely feel free to ALWAYS direct msg me anything you find powerful and impactful in that lane.

I literally struggled through reading this piece by @mayb. Finished it after 3 tries. TRIGGER WARNING. But it was the confirmation I needed to say "okay, let's stop running and start finding some healing."

Absolutely beautiful... Raw emotion.. Raw story! Really well written and delivered... amazing work <3

Amazing. I love it. Great voice you have. And the words are excellent. Keep it up.

One very powerful poem, read loud and clear in your own voice! Absolutely beautifully done!

Thank you! I listened to it again and its awkward hearing yourself haha. But I am glad my voice came through with clarity for you.

Nice t-shit

This is amazing! I hope to experience more of your work soon.

Thanks so much! I will try to do a monthly piece! Thanks for checking me out :D

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