Titanium Cover

in dsound •  18 days ago

Hey guys. I haven't been singing much, but I was just messing around with slowing this song down and making it more...well..me!

Hope you are all doing well! Happy Wednesday!

xx -Beth

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That was cool! That chorus is not easy, especially that "taniuuuuum", so well done :)


Thanks! Yeah it is definitely up there! I am glad you liked it! Thanks for the listen!

You've got a great technique! Impressive :)

@bethwheatcraft the song you chose was difficult but you made it look easy and I am so impressed :) Welldone ssweetheart.

It's really good! Well mixed, well sung, overall quite good.
The titanium (heh) bit was way too loud, in my opinion, but it's an acceptable stylistic choice if nothing else. :)

Why can't I hear your other songs? Have they been deleted?